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    Employees---Best employees

    Number of visits: Date:2010-04-09


    Model workers set an example to the whole staff. It is not only a respect to them, but also a popularization of their advanced concepts, ideas and working manner to advocate and carry forward the spirit of the model workers. Thus, we can create a good environment to train more model workers. We should inspire the talents who are bold in practice and explosion for the company’s development and perfection of management; summarize and carry forward their exemplary deeds and experiences to further inspire others.

    Wang Xiaoqi

        Wang Xiaoqi, Assistant Chief Engineer, model worker of the company, national model worker. He is responsible for the prospective studies, conventional products’ plan making and technical guidence of standards, product tests and techinology. He treats the company as his own home and has been making great contribution to the company’s development for many years. 


    Hong Bo

        Hong Bo, Vise Manager of Design Center, technical model. He cherishes posts and devotes wholeheartedly to work.  He takes charge of the development of 75t/h, 130t/h biomass boiler with advanced technology and adopts many patent technologies, greatly improved the company’s technique power. 

    Huang Bin

         Huang Bin, Sales Manager of Sales Section Four, sales model. As a young Sales Manager, he works hard with a strong sense of general interests and friendly and helpfully cooperates with his colleagues, made a good performance in sales and great contribution to the accomplishment of sales goals.


    Huang Fei

        Huang Fei, Team Leader of Electric Welding in Verssel and Header Workshop, model worker of the company. Positive, patient and hard working, she can finish productive task accurately and timely according to the drawings. Strictly observing “the three accordences & three inspections” on products’ quality, she, as an excellent weldor and team leader, sets a good exemple among her colleagues.

    Li Xuepeng

        Li Xuepeng, Design Engineer of Design Center, model of the company. In 2006, July, he entered the company and quickly became the technical elite for his diligent working in three yearrs. He accumulated many practical experiences during the two years’ on-site technical services and became a qualified engineer. 


    Luo Jianhua

        Luo Jianhua, Team Leader of Pipe Bending in Piping Outfitting Workshop, model worker of the company. His active attitude, painstaking work and diligence won the company leaders’  praise. He is very experienced in pipe bending with excellent practical skills and rich theoretical knowledge, trained many reserved forces successively. 

    Luo Yi

        Luo Yi, QA Department Manager, quality model. Over the last year, he made painstaking efforts in quality control and authentication and carried out effective quality control work. He helped the Design Center and Technology Department to improve their quality control efficency and made the company’quality system reach a new stage.


    Gao Jingan

        Gao Jingan, Team Leader of Assembling in Piping Outfitting Workshop, model of the company. He is good at integrating personnel and technical advantages to improve work efficiency and strictly control the assembly quality. He leads the whole team effectively to finish productive tasks, communicating with technicians and proposing resonable modification suggestions to solve the problems during assembly process.

    Yang Youliang

        Yang Youliang, Manager of Southwest Branch, sales model. Responsible of the boiler sales in southwest of China, he works hard with chariness and responsibility, respecting the company’ arrangement. He loves his work with strong sense of collective consciousness and general interests, highly cooperative, diligent and courageous in explore.


    Yuan Dan

        Yuan Dan, Manager of Sales Section One, model of the company, municipal model. Precise in work, he combined his own development with the company’s management objectives. He tries his best to obtain the outstanding achievements, even in ordinary work, 20 years like a day. With his diligent work and pioneering spirits, he made a great contribution in market development.

    Zhang Lichun

        Zhang Lichun, Team Leader of Membrane Wall Workshop, model of the company. He respects the laws and rules of the state and the company. Deligent in work, he constantly perfects his skill in welding. In 2009, he awarded the “Best Weldor of Hunan Proveince”.


    Zhu Ruohui

        Zhu Ruohui, Manager of Sales Section Four, sales model. Engaged not quite long in this field, he ardently loves sales work with outstanding achievements. He actively provided the best service for the customers to meet their requirements and was praise by them, thus established a good market reputation for the company.

    Zou Gongping

        Zou Gongping, Chief Design Engineer of Department Four, technical model. He has been engaging in boiler design for many years, especially skillful in Cement Kiln Waste Heat Boiler, Glass Kiln Waste Heat Boiler and Sintering Machine Waste Heat Boiler design. He devoloped the series products and made a contribution in market development and enery-saving and emission reduction policy.  


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