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    Number of visits: Date:2010-08-02

    A man who is passionate in work will make him a best employee. Only those who love their work can get inside the delight in work and can work better.
      Peng Hongjun and Li Hong, worked in the General Management Dept. of sales & marketing division, are the best representatives of perfect employee. Recently, plenty of business information makes them very busy. And a lot of time and energy invested with a potential for no payday. They are busy in organizing, coordinating, inquiring, biding and engaged in other boring job. They achieved extraordinary successes at an ordinary post with great passion, desired to contribute to our company, and also set an example among all the employees. Therefore, I would like to call to all, especially the youth, learn from them, and try our best to be a good member to make our company a good sample in boiler industry.

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