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  • After-sale Service

    Service Commitment
    Consistently meet various requirements of domestic and foreign users by virtue of creative technologies, excellent products and high-quality services
    Tenet of Sales Service:
    Provide detailed and accurate product introductions and timely and high quality after-sales service.

    After-sales Service:
    1. Carry out the design and production of products in strict accordance with ISO9001 Quality Management System.
    2. Formulate quality control plans and full implement.
    3. Accept casual inspection, supervision and test by the personnel sent by clients during the production with full support. 
    4. Send personnel to assist field checking after product delivery. 
    5. Site representatives provide field guidance and product debugging during the installation. 
    6. During the process of delivery and operation, send personnel to arrive in the scene as required upon receiving (with 24 hours for clients in Hunan, 48 hours in other provinces, and 72 hours in remote areas). Personnel shall leave only after troubleshooting.
    7. Field assistance is free of change (during the warranty period)

    8. Timely supply required parts at competitive prices.
    9. Our After-sales Service Tenet is “Supplying timely quality services, Making customers satisfied and worry-free”. And the Company offers life-long product service.